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Lighthouses at Risk


There are 166 lighthouses and aids-to-navigation in the Great Lakes basin and along the St. Lawrence River which have been declared Surplus by Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO). Some of the 45 Inactive lights may no longer be in existence and others may no longer be owned by the Government of Canada. However, the 121 Active lights still contain working aids-to-navigation but have been declared surplus in order to absolve Fisheries and Oceans Canada of any responsibility to preserve their heritage character under the HLPA.

See the Map of Ontario below.

The vast majority of these lighthouses have heritage value and meet the Federal Government's own criteria for Heritage Lighthouse designation. Other federally owned lighthouses may not be on this list. Please do a search of the DFRP Database to find all Federal Government property in your area.

Other lighthouses can also be found by searching the Canadian Register of Historic Places.

These lighthouses can now only be designated as Heritage Lighthouses if some person or body agrees to take ownership of them and to conserve them. If nobody steps forward to conserve these lighthouses, most of them will be neglected until they are demolished.

You can help to save these lighthouses. Click on the link How to Save Our Lighthouses to learn more. Click on the map below for a list of lighthouses at risk in each area.


Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence
Lake Huron and area

Lighthouses At Risk

Use the map to select a region in Ontario - - - List of 6 "at risk" in Prince Edward County